Some of my preciosas have chosen to share their experiences in their own words:

"Thank you for reminding me what embodied love feels like." - Heather, Big Island

"Kerry is very clearly a gifted and unique masseuse. My massages with her have been not only deep and healing but also extremely transformative. Often when Kerry gives me a hug or gently touches me, her hands knowingly start massaging the tightest most aggravated part of my body. How does she do it?! It is clear to me that touching people, healing bodies and honoring spirit are Kerry's borne gift and perfect dharma." - Sarah, Houston

"I would actually call the whole thing a healing therapy. Everytime I would get on her table restless and fidgety, and get off quiet and placid.  It's like she picks up all the particles that fall apart and puts them back together. All those important trifles that we don't notice losing in our crazy stream of life. Everything goes back together.  In addition to the fact that it's simply very pleasant physically, it's also balancing emotionally. I felt like I was drifting in a sweet syrup, very subtle and intimate. It's a kind of loving energy that surrounds Kerry that excludes everything else from the moment, so I've just let it in. From her hands, through my body, into my heart." - Eva, New York City

"I left my massage feeling 10 ft. taller, light as a feather & I could see more clearly. A massage with Kerry makes a person believe that there are angels on earth!" - Jill, Houston

"Kerry's massages are transformative - every time I visit her, I leave feeling refreshed, revisited and re-inspired. She has the ability to attune herself to a person's whole being, not just a physical ailment. She is a healer." - Stacey, Houston

"My hair was so crazy; I knew something great had just happened." - sister Jodie, Austin

"Thanks for allowing a space to just let go; it was like an inner mediation on what is really important in life!" - Dr. Jackie, Houston

"I loved my massage so much today. You truly have the gift to know exactly what a body needs." - Sharon, Houston